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Review NZG Liebherr LR11000 crawler crane SARENS

NZG Liebherr LR11000 crawler crane SARENS

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Q2; 2023
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Liebherr LR11000 crawler crane

Company: Sarens

Brand: NZG

Sarens number : 20-1078

Price: € 1198,00

Expected: 2021/ 2th quarter o.o.v.

Scale: 1:50


The LR 11000 can cover a wide range of jobs with its boom versions. Whether it is port handling, industrial construction, infrastructure or wind power; the LR 11000 is absolutely at home in all these sectors. The crane’s design is perfect for constricted conditions, such as in refineries.Furthermore, with a transport width of 3.5 m (11.5 ft) and a transport height of 3.2 m (10.5 ft), the 1000-tonne crane is built to ensure that it can be transported at low cost. The newly developed V-frame with an adjustment distance of 17 m (56 ft) moves the derrick ballast into the required position and reduces the workload for ballast handling. Special wind power systems for turbines in the USA or Europe deliver unique lifting capacities in this crane class.

The 1:50 scale model comes in the SL 8 / F2 configuration, has a maximum height of 2620 mm, a maximum length of 430 mm, a handsome weight of 11.73 kg and a variety of realistic features. An important aspect is the realistic transport configuration thanks to the removable crawlers. The tracks are made of individual die-cast metal chains and are individually pinned to ensure a realistic look. This allows for impressive jobsite transport of the individual tracks, counterweights and other material.

"No less than 1557 parts" 

Furthermore, the model including screws and pins consists of no less than 1557 parts. The crawler crane model comes with two different hooks, an LF jib and mechanical outriggers to realistically erect the main boom and preventing the crane from tipping over. Other features of the model are the highly detailed turntable, the moveable cabin that can be tilted upwards and the jack-up system to lift the body and the removable crawlers. The model will be delivered in a limited run of 300 pieces in the first quarter of 2023 and can be pre-ordered